Friday, January 22, 2016


We have this rule with the kids that food and drinks are not allowed in their bedrooms. Last night...I found a bottle of water hidden away in the girl's room. When asking them about it...Ellie gets big eyes and looks over at Aubrie. Aubrie gets big eyes, tilts her little head, puts a hand on her hip, and says with her best little know- it- all voice: "Well I have so many time- outs in my room that I decided its important that I need water when I'm in here!" I'm telling you friends...this chick might have a strong will with sassy pants....but she's going places! She is one beautiful, sweet, brilliant, creative, funny, talented, and huge hearted girl. She may be one of the reasons why I drink so much coffee and require sunshiney...tropical retreats once a year....but I'm over the moon in love with every bit of her blue eyed blondeness. She keeps me on my toes and praying big prayers to the good Lord above but she always always always keeps me smiling! Grateful to be her Mama!grateful to be her Mama!

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