Tuesday, September 30, 2008


SOoooooo....I feel like we've finally recooped from the crazy...but fun weekend.

Friday night was the big sleepover then Saturday was our town's Wabash Festival.
The festival went on all day long so we all had a great time....except for the little black bugs.
Seriously, I can't wait to ask God someday what their purpose is here!

Saturday evening my brother called from the field and wanted supper and Gabe to ride in the tractor. So I quick put together some spaghetti, grabbed Gabe and Kami ( the last sleepover girl to go home) and headed out.....again......but it was worth it....Gabe had a great time.

Then Sunday was the wedding. Mom and Dad offered to keep the kids so we decided to head
to our old church, Living Hope for the whole day since the wedding was over there in Watseka.
The morning service was amazing.....an awesome time of worship and a great sermon. We were able to go out to lunch with Ben and Marci which we hadn't been able to in soooooo long!

For those of you that don't know...Marci is my first cousin, been like a big sister, was my maid of honor, and we were the first couple that Ben married. Alot of our courtship was spending time at their place and enjoying time with their kids. We did premarital counseling with them too...so basically they just hava really special place in our hearts. It did our hearts good to be able to catch up again.

Then we had the wedding....just an amazing time. Jason and I were blessed to be able to photograph and videotape....and we're just praying if God would open the doors to do this part time. We've had alot of fun!

Yesterday was just a blur.....we were so tired. The kids were in rare form. Gabe is just in a stage of NO listening skills whatsoever and tormenting his sister to no end. I'm ready to sell him to the circus. I do remember that yesterday Ellie found some leaves on the living room floor, put them in her mouth and proceeded to choke. He also got ahold of Jason's new Bible and almost destroyed it. I was trying to upload and crop pictures...etc all day. Then make a meal for our friends who just had a baby...then our friends: who just got engaged stopped by for a little bit....yeah, it was just another crazy day.

This morning Gabe started round 10 of not listening and LAYING on Ellie....totally squashing her so she can barely squeak. He then proceeded to find a bottle of lotion and ate it...and smeared it everywhere. He was playing with things he shouldn't be and because he wasn't listening he got a couple ouchies....guess he's gonna have to learn the hard way. By noon I was ready to pull my hair out. I was taking the kids over to Mom's and we were passing by a pasture with cows and he got all excited because he loves cows. He then proceeded to throw a fit because he wanted to stop and "hug the cows". And I couldn't help but laugh.

*sigh*.....I know this will pass....and someday I'll wish for these sweet innocent days back.

Monday, September 29, 2008

To Daniel and Pamela

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your special day.
It was an amazing time....sooooooooo much fun to be able to capture
the excitement, the laughter, the nerves...all the beauty with camera and video.
We hope that you will enjoy them all and find some favorites!

Pam....you looked so very beautiful...words cannot express.
Daniel...you were handsome and those eyes sparkled more than ever!

It was so evident that the hand of God was upon your day
and the Holy Spirit's presence was so powerful.
(I won't tell you how many times I got teary-eyed.)
These memories will last a lifetime.

Have fun on the honeymoon and can't wait to see you when you get back!
We love you! Jason and Laura

Wedding-Daniel & Pamela

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pictures-Sleepover Party

We had our 4 little friends over last night for the 2nd annual sleepover party of The Four Muskateers...and....
You will be able to tell from all the pictures we had a BLAST!

I seriously could have kept these adorable girls for weeks....they are the best of the best ;)

After lotsa pizza, pop, candy, cookies and Gabe running circles around them (and crashing headfirst down off the couch into the piano) our living room was full of jumping beans....

I will have to say they got to bed earlier than last year ;) Last year they were up til 5:30 am...
i think last night they hit the hay at 1:30.

There was much dancing and singing of Taylor Swift...i got a hilarious video!

This precious sight did my heart so much good...along with all the laughter....and it was the greatest thing ever in the world to kiss 4 girl heads goodnight. So I'm ready to adopt ;)

Ping-pong and kareokee with the paddles....they were so excited that Jason's domain had a loud stereo system.....we truly are country girls ;)

They proceeded to demonstrate at one point just how to look lika monkey ;)
Kamryn, Stephanie, Megan, and Michelle.....You gals are the greatest....
Thank you soooooooooooooo much for an amazing night and day of fun, laughter, and friendship. Each one of you have a special place in our hearts and we love you so very much!
Don't ever change who you are....don't ever quit shining Jesus...don't ever change your sweet
and kind hearted personalties...and don't ever let the world draw you away from your Heavenly Father. He loves you more than you'll ever know and each one of you are a beautiful princess in His eyes!
To the parents....if you will share them again, we'd like to plan a party for Christmas break!