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"Emotions are problem-driven, but FAITH is purpose-driven. If you allow your emotions to rule your life you will be up one minute and down the next. You say, 'But I thought life is supposed to be an up and down experience.' No, God's plan for you is to get DOWN on your knees to pray, then get UP in faith and do what He's told you to do."

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Photos of the Day

How many lil monkies does it take to feed one baby??? :)
Today I found this twice.....the girls going to the bathroom in togetherness.....

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The Voice

So the hubby and I have found a TV show that we both really really enjoy....The Voice.

And this chick is my absolute favorite. I was excited to discover that she really was the one
who came to our smalltown fair this past summer and I was up close to hear/see her perform.
She has as an amazing voice and a supersweet down to earth/sweet personality.

Photo credit: Susan Niles
Check her out!

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Happy 2nd Birthday Aubrie Grace


"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for."
-Anonymous ♥

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Memory of Blake Hall

I'm so proud of my baby brother Isaac....I wanted to share what he wrote tonite:

Valentine's Day 2012

by Isaac Steidinger on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 3:33pm ·
The Annual Shave
By Isaac Steidinger
What started as a token of dedication has become a ‘tradition’ in my life. The story begins in sixth grade. Blake Hall, a former student of the Prairie Central School District, and close friend of mine, was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg in only his sixth grade year of school. Blake underwent treatments of chemotherapy to fight off the cancer in its early stages and with the treatments came the loss of hair; something sure to devastate Blake at such a young age. I remember one day sitting in computer class, Blake said, “Look, it comes out so easy” and he barely tugged and in his fingers were a few particles of hair. Being oblivious and so young I thought I needed to try as well and sure enough, I got the same result. Imagine a large pile of lace and you pulling on a few small strands; they are soft and unresisting the force of a human hand pulling away from the pile. I will never forget that moment, nor the moment I first saw Blake without any hair at all. When this first began, Blake, along with a few of his classmates in support, began to wear ball caps to school to hide what was missing. Later on in his battle with cancer, Blake lost his leg where the cancer began but he never lost his spirit and personality. After a period of remission, Blake went back to the doctor for a checkup only to find out the cancer had spread to his lungs and eventually to his brain. Blake was able to grow his hair back out, but after the cancer spread to his brain, his hair once again disappeared; this time in his Junior year of high school. A tradition was started that year between me, Tevin Weaver, Nathan Schaffer (Finkbone), Blake’s family, and occasionally a few others. Every Wednesday night we would head to his home for a dessert and a couple hours with him and the family. On February 13th, 2008, Nathan, Tevin, and I decided to shave our heads before we went to see him, as Blake had once again lost all of his hair. We went about our usual routine that night, chatting and catching up, talking about hunting but there was a big change. Blake slept most of the evening so he had not yet noticed our new “hair-dos”. Barb Hall, Blake’s mom, woke Blake before we left so he could see our hair was gone also. Not because we had battled the evil of cancer as he did, but because we all were affected by his personality and inspired in so many ways that we decided to take on his look, just as we tried to take on his personality and character. Blake had a famous smile that could light up a room with all the lights off, and we got to see that smile one more time as he saw our shaved heads. The following day, Valentine’s Day, Blake Thomas Lee Hall was called to his eternal home to join the angels in heaven. Every year since his passing, the “day of love” hasn’t been quite the same. It has more meaning to it now. Blake loved his life and all those around him despite his battle with cancer. He never questioned why or cursed God for the things he had to endure in his short life. Instead, he was an example to everyone around him. He showed us how to live life to the fullest even in our darkest hour. Blake portrayed a love and passion for life, even though he may have knew, it wouldn’t last much longer. Blake’s story began in sixth grade; his legacy has found its way back there this year. Every year on Valentine’s Day I shave my head in honor of Blake and all that he did for me. Last year I was able to share the experience with my 5th grade basketball team and family at Prairie Central. Twelve of the fifteen players on the team joined me by shaving their heads also. This year I am coaching the majority of the same players now in 6th grade; there are fourteen total. I am awestruck by the coincidences that occurred this year, sixth grade and fourteen players on the fourteenth day of February. But that is not the amazing part. The amazing part is that fourteen sixth graders would shave their heads in memory and honor of someone they didn’t know, or barely knew. Honestly, when I was in sixth grade with Blake, I wouldn’t have shaved my head for fear of looking different. I would have been selfish and insecure. Fourteen sixth graders rallied around me this year to shave their heads with me and support something that means more than basketball will ever mean. Life isn’t just about sports or business, work or school, relationships or acquaintances. These things are all a part of our lives, but it is how we view them that means the most. Sixth grade basketball players from Prairie Central took that stand this year on Valentine’s Day and “bought in” to something more important than just basketball. They are supporting a memorial of one young man that lived his life to the fullest, one young man that treated everyone with respect, one young man that never complained for the evil he endured in his life, but most importantly one young man that LOVED life with a passion. I can only imagine these boys walking around in school with shaved heads and what they might be enduring. I wonder if they are getting odd looks or if other kids are asking why they did it. These sixth grade players know why they shaved their heads and I am proud of them for the choices they are making. They put all fears and insecurities aside to stand up for something that I hope will stick with them forever; Integrity. It’s not about our wins and losses as a team. It’s about what have we truly learned this year that we can take to the next year of competition. These young athletes have shown me and everyone around them that it is not just about the game of basketball for them, it is about the game of life. It isn’t about being talented and skilled on the basketball court, it is about applying life lessons and lessons learned to everyday experiences and not being afraid to share that message. To the parents of the sixth grade basketball team; thank you for allowing your son to be a part of a tradition that means so much to me. To the players; thank you for all you have done for me in a short season of basketball. Blake my friend, your legacy lives on!

I was proud to be joined this year in shaving my head by the following people:
Daniel Steidinger (assistant coach)
Nathan Reed (team manager)
Karson Kafer
Billy Printz
Carter Meister
Kory Livengood
Cruz Ruiz
Trey Seeman
Brendan Johnson
Logan Byrne
Peyton Rigsby
Noah Lewallen
Eddie Shumaker
Seth Reed
Kolby Kafer
Sam Bell

Discipline Ideas

My beautiful friend Sara shared this on her blog
not too long ago and I loved it. Even more loved it because the ideas are from Lisa Whelchel.
Lisa is an amazing wife,mama,actress,author,national speaker.....and I was blessed a couple years ago to actually get to hear her speak. She is one cool lady :)

Now head over to Sara's blog and check these out:

Happy Hump Day!!!

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Valentine's Day

Today...and always...i'm thankful for all my "loveys" and so thankful for a God who loves me...and never gives up on me. Happy Love Day!

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Monkey Stories

Monkey E has become quite the girl.....yesterday she clocked Babymonkey for snatching something away from her. Her punishment: I made her fold towels....epic failure. she loved it and asked for more laundry to fold. sure kid....go right ahead. the spare bedroom has turned into "cleanlaundrymountaintoproom" anyways! Today Monkey G tries to steal her poptart...she promptly kicks him as hard as she *sigh* as much as the laundrylady wanted assistance....we are trying the "hava time out in your room" method again. On a different note:Ellie keeps begging Gabe to play barbies with her. So he does, but he keeps a leggo truck in one of his hands at all times so when I look at him he gets big eyes and says:"oh i'm just playing with this truck Mom and giving Ellie's barbies a ride to her parties." these littles :)

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Dreary Winter Days

On dreary winter days like today...we put these pictures up.....and stare....for a looooong time :)

Strawberry Fudge

Strawberry 2 Ingredient Fudge
  • 1 (16 oz) can of strawberry frosting
  • 1 12 oz bag of white chocolate chips
How to Make
  1. Prepare a 9x9 pan by spray lightly with cooking spray.
  2. Over a double boiler, or in the microwave, melt your white chocolate chips.
  3. When chips are melted, remove from heat and stir in your strawberry frosting, evenly.
  4. Spread in your prepared pan and place in fridge to set for 30 minutes.
  5. Cut into squares to serve.
Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

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Have I told you all lately how much I love our monkies?!?!?!
Our day didn't start out so great....MamaMonkey with a migraine and Gabe the Babe not feeling well MeeMeeMonkey came to the rescue. She took the girls and Gabe and I stayed in our jammies and watched movies.
But by early afternoon, the sun came out, it was 50 degrees or more and we decided, that a date was just what we needed to feel better. So off we went to the new Subway in our little village :)
It was just what the Doctor ordered :)
PS...oh and did you notice who is on my tabletops again?!?!?!?