Monday, July 6, 2015

It's All Grace

At the end of a very much "Monday" after a long holiday weekend.....I'm done. I'm done being a Mama because this Mama stuff is hard. It's tough. It's challenging. It's frustrating. It's heart wrenching. It's time consuming.  It's mind boggling. It's craziness. It's draining. It's NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.
But there's these 3 amazing kiddos that somehow...despite all their shenanigans of hibity-bibity....somehow I keep falling in love with them. Somehow their giggles and cuddles....their smiles and THEIR GRACE. They keep me going. THEIR GRACE.....and the way they just keep loving their Mama despite all her mistakes and's humbling and overwhelming and mind boggling and crazy.
And that? THAT GRACE? It's Heaven sent... God gives these amazing littles grace when they are born....nobody tells them to have grace with others....they just do it. They extend after day after day. Because it's a chromosome they were born with. They don't know any better....they just give grace.
I'm learning from them....I'm watching and listening amidst the dirty dishes...the dirty baseball clothes...the sticky popsicle sticks....the stinky socks thrown in the middle of a room...the leggos not put back in their container....the water spicket left running for 2 days in the back yard....the bikes left in the driveway...the slamming doors...the bruised knees...the toilet seat left up....I'm watching and listening. And I'm learning.
That grace is's's life's mind boggling...and it's crazy. And there's enough for all of us. These 3 littles are challenging me to keep extending grace to judgement...just grace. It's all GRACE.

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